Because Of Why Growth Mindset Coaching

Transform Your Mindset, Transform Your Life. Discover the Emotional Freedom, Resilience, and Limitless Potential That Awaits on Your Journey to Personal Triumph with Mindset Coaching.

The 3 Business Secrets Of Mindset

Adaptability Drives Success 

Adapting swiftly opens doors to new opportunities, turning the journey into a rewarding adventure of ongoing success.

Continuous Learning Fuels Innovation 

Continuous learning is the relentless spark that ignites the engine of innovation. 

Embracing Challenges Ignites High Performance

Embracing challenges unveils your capabilities, turning the blank canvas of potential into a masterpiece of high performance.

Life Purpose Coaching

This coaching program aims to provide you with getting more clear on your always changing why's. As busy as you are, notice that your direction is more important than your speed. A lot of people are going nowhere fast. Become more aligned with the soul that searches for meaning. 

  • ​Purpose
  • ​Accountability
  • ​Focus
  • ​Clarity
  • ​Goal Setting

Forgiveness Coaching

This coaching program is designed to gently nurture your personal growth, offering a compassionate space to release the weight of the past. Often, the most crucial forgiveness is directed inward, as we learn to forgive ourselves for lingering in the shadows. Together, let's navigate away from the storms of self-doubt and move toward the serene shores of inner peace.

  • Detachment 
  • ​Communication
  • ​Clarity
  • ​Confidence
  • ​Limiting Beliefs 

Transformation Coaching

This coaching program is designed to transform the self into something unrecognizable. Results are effective in income, relationships, and peace of mind. It's focuses on shedding the old skin of the past and transforming into a much positive, happy, and rapidly growing self.

  • ​Self-image
  • ​Stress Management
  • ​Time Management
  • ​Limiting Beliefs
  • ​Habits
  • ​Discipline
  • ​Confidence
  • ​Communication

Choose Your Monthly Sessions:

  • ​Each session is (60-90min) that comes with goal setting and tracking, action plans & exercises, and 24/7 open communication for questions and emergency's 
  • One Month : 2 sessions
  • Three Months : 6 sessions
  • Six Months : 12 sessions
  • Twelve Months : 24 sessions


  • Openness to Feedback
  • ​Commitment to Growth​
  • ​Accountability​
  • ​Active Engagement​
  • ​Time and Availability​
  • ​Self-Reflection​
  • ​Realistic Expectations​


Nicolas Kirkland

Growth Mindset Coach & Transformation Specialist

Carmen Flores

Growth Mindset Coach & Redirective Perspective Specialists 

Co-Founders of Because Of Why LLC