The Stick Person Fear Cycle

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

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The Stick Person Fear Cycle

Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Many set a goal but end up back at their “current” results.

Results now begin to influence the mind and its conscious thinking. Our 5 senses become at ease with past conditioning of familiarity and the process continues.

The individual will now begin to worry in the conscious mind and then they will move on to doubting themselves.

They now have a negative experience and a negative emotion occurs. Thus, moving into the emotional state of fear within the subconscious region. This is why when we typically are fearful of someone, something, or an object, we automatically submit to the power of fear that controls our vibrational state of being.

Fear is expressed through the only medium it can be expressed in; the body.

The body finally moves into an anxiety state which therefore establishes a negative result.

Understanding this model can aid you to prevent the continuous cycle of the role fear plays in your life. Fear is man-made. It can be suppressed but at some point, you will have to face it and take the leap of faith. What usually keeps us in this fear cycle is comfortability. Comfort is the strongest drug in the human race. Stronger than cocaine, heroin. People stop moving at certain levels in their lives whether it be in business, their job, or their personal life because the comfort of not going through the ups and downs is their short term gain of no work, effort, thinking, and lack of being solution oriented. Long term wise, an individual can truly change their personal principles of what makes them who they are by going against the current. How do you expect to provide for yourself and your family? Without choosing to stay in the struggle of going through the thick and thin with a positive mindset of nailing everything within your tunnel vision, you will stay stuck at the same level. If you ever feel worry and doubt begin to creep in, become conscious of the fact that you are feeling them. When you begin to catch yourself performing an unconscious act or habit, your body connects that with your brain. So now, your mind looks for more unconscious habits that you perform daily whether you like them or not. Change begins with understanding the fear cycle and the power behind noticing it and facing fear in the times of uncertainty. If you take one step forward, that’s more progress than if you stayed standing in the same place, eyes opened, shivering, breathing heavy, and imagining the negative thoughts of what your fear can do to you if you continue to let it push you around. You create your momentum. You create your life. You are the architect. Fear is cunning but it can be used to your advantage. Drag yourself out of your turtle shell and shine.

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