Use This Proven Success Formula To Achieve More In The New 2024 Year

Friday, December 15, 2023

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Use This Proven Success Formula To Achieve More In The New 2024 Year

Friday, December 15, 2023

Most people, about 80%, don’t stick to their New Year’s resolutions. They end up stuck in a cycle of the same results, like going in circles that never stop. Everyone talks about wanting to change things, but they don’t really do much to make it happen. Let me break it down…

Have you heard of the definition of insanity? It’s doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Well, that’s what many people do. Let’s say someone wants to lose weight. They start a diet, maybe even join a gym. They work hard and eat healthy, but after a month, they go back to their old habits — eating whatever they want and not staying active. They gain back the weight, and all the time, effort, and money they put in goes to waste. They didn’t have a clear goal to reach; instead, they focused on fixing the outside without really addressing what’s inside, like the need for acceptance and confidence.

Now, imagine another person who wants to make more money in their business. They decide to save more, invest more, and learn more. They see some progress, their bank account grows! But a month later, they go back to their old habits, and they’re back to where they started, with no extra money.

Imagine a husband who wants to make his relationship better. He decides to surprise his wife with cute gifts and special meals. He also spends more time with his wife instead of just focusing on work. Things get better, and his wife feels more loved than ever. But after a few months, things go back to how they were before. It’s like the husband only changed the outside stuff temporarily.

The real change comes from inside us and shows up in how we act. I’ve used this idea in my own life and with others, and it really works. It’s about making lasting changes without needing a lot of effort, money, or time.

The Success Formula — Because Of Why 2023

Think about it like this…your thoughts become your feelings, your feelings influence you to take action, and your actions formulate results. Your results then become habits because it feels good and your habits turn into paradigms (a multitude of habits). Your paradigms become part of your personality and then your personality shifts into a new identity — the self-image. Many people in this world want to change who they are without actually changing who they are.

If you truly desire to change, you must create a new identity. Just take a look of the equation, what causes the identity shift? A different level of thinking. Change your thoughts and you will surely change your future. It doesn’t matter what goal you are striving for, this equation is universal to all people. Life is fairly simple but what stops people is many things. What can keep you going is who you become along the journey to your goals.

With peace, love, and gratitude,

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